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PCB Materials: What Are PCBs Made Of?

PCB Materials

Nobody should tell you that the PCB materials don’t matter because a circuit board is good as its makeup medium.  For this reason, we have numerous grades of PCB materials ranging from conventionally popular FR-4 to sophisticated mixes of FR4 and Teflon.  The arduous task is knowing which material to use in a particular scenario …

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PWB vs. PCB: How To Differentiate The Two

Printed wiring boards

We will compare PWB vs. PCB to learn the differences in this article. PWB and PCB are often used interchangeably in the electronics industry, but the two don’t refer to the same thing.  Although, it is vital to note that the difference is in the technicalities. But we won’t spare any details. So here is …

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US Manufacturing vs. China: Which Country Offers The Best Manufacturing Conditions

A graphic depicting the microchip war between US manufacturing vs. China

We’ll compare US manufacturing vs. China in this article. There is no doubt that China is the manufacturing powerhouse of the world.  But the global supply chain issues and other competing interests have focused on the viability of using Chinese manufacturing industries to mass-produce products.  This conversation is more profound among Americans, who are increasingly …

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