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Short To Ground vs. Short To Power: Comparing The Different Types of Short Circuits

Short circuit on a PCB

We will compare short-to-ground vs. short-to-power to determine their similarities and differences in this article. Two of the most typical electrical issues in circuits are short to ground and short to power.  Although both involve channeling the flow of electricity through an unintended path, they have some differences. Read on to learn more! What Is …

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Flying Probe vs. ICT: Which is the Best PCB Testing Method?

Flying Probe vs. ICT

Flying Probe vs. ICT circuit testers guide. Make no mistake dismissing circuit testing in PCB assembly as it is one of the most critical aspects that guarantee quality.  Today, we require high-performance circuit boards since electronic components dominate every aspect of our lives.  Therefore, any assembly defect could prove costly in the bigger picture. Primarily …

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Flip Chip: How Flip Chip Compares to Wire Bonding

3d render of ball grid array electronic components.

Flip chip technology is one of the most popular modes of making electrical connections to a semiconductor. But what is it all about?  Anytime you hear of modern-day circuit boards, you think of features such as a small form factor and excellent performance.  Achieving these aspects is possible through several improvements in erstwhile assembly processes. …

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What Is Silk Screen Printing? The Process, Types, and Benefits

A worker using silk screen printing to transfer yellow ink to a T-shirt

What is silk screen printing? Read this guide to find the answer. Applying printed labels, drawings or writings on materials can be purely decorational.  But in other cases, it might be necessary for certain products like PCBs to indicate critical information.  So you can use the printing technique on different substrate materials and vary the …

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How To Open Gerber Files: Best Gerber Viewer Software

Gerber File of a PCB inner layers.

Do you know how to open Gerber files? Rather, do you understand the essence of proper visualizations in the design of circuit boards?  PCB design and assembly is a lengthy process that begins with formulating the design a manufacturer intends to create.  Nonetheless, the plan is complicated and must be great for optimal PCB performance. …

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What is Mechanical Assembly? Mechanical Assembly Processes

A Car Assembly Factory.

What is mechanical assembly, and in what ways can electronics manufacturers use the technique in production? Coming up with the final electronic device that reaches the end user is not a stroll in the park.  It entails a rigorous process, including product design, testing, parts production, and assembling.  In this guide, we’re interested in the …

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Tape-and-Reel vs. Cut Tape: Component Packaging Options for Automated SMD Assembly Line Feeding

A reel containing a tape with SMT devices (note the component pockets and sprocket holes)

We’ll compare tape-and-reel vs. cut tape below. PCB assembly machines are highly automated. And to enable quick surface-mount electronic component assembly, they need an efficient component feeding mechanism.  This system should deliver thousands of components per hour to the pick-and-place machine to position them above the solder paste.  Tape & reel and cut tape are …

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