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How To Make a PCB at Home: The Procedure From Start To Finish

A DIY home-made printed circuit board

This is a guide on how to  make a PCB at home.  While getting a PCB made by a manufacturer is relatively inexpensive nowadays, you can still build simple circuit boards. It will be cheaper, and you’ll get the product quickly while sharpening your skills.  But if you don’t know where to start, here’s how …

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What Is First Article Inspection? How The Process Occurs

An inspector checking printed circuit boards after assembly

What is a first article inspection? First article inspections are generally associated with consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive, defense, and aerospace industries.  These industries require products that meet strict precision standards and dimensional accuracy, which you can only verify via first-article inspection.  So, what is it? Read on to learn more! What Is First Article …

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Hot Swap vs. Solder PCB: Which Keyboard PCB Is Better?

This article is about hot swap vs. solder PCB. When building a custom mechanical keyboard, the primary component to consider is the PCB.

This article is about hot swap vs. solder PCB. When building a custom mechanical keyboard, the primary component to consider is the PCB. And you can pick either from a hot swap or solder circuit board.  Both have pros and cons, so let’s compare hot swap vs. solder PCBs to see which wins. What Is …

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What is CNC Technology: Why CNC is the Future of Industrial Production

A CNC Controlled Drill.

What is CNC technology, and how does it apply to electronic parts assembly?  Automation in manufacturing is the new norm as industries look to optimize output. But this process takes extensive research and preparedness to set up.  Among the fundamental tenets of computer-aided manufacturing is CNC machining which forms the core of our discussion today.  …

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UL-Listed vs. UL-Certified: What Do The Terms Mean?

Electronics on supermarket store shelves

In this article, we will compare UL-listed vs. UL-certified because the two terms tend to cause confusion among consumers and electronics engineers.  UL is an acronym for Underwriters Laboratory, one of the most respected and highly regarded product testing and safety certification companies.  The organization is critical for ensuring quality PCB and electronics manufacturing, so …

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What is Ultrasonic Welding? How to Perform Ultrasonic Welding

An Ultrasonic Welding Machine.

What is ultrasonic welding, and which are some scenarios where its use is reasonably necessary?  Welding is one of the most effective ways of joining two materials. Unlike other joinery alternatives, such as riveting, it primarily helps create a permanent bond because it applies heat energy.  We also have numerous welding techniques, and ultrasonic welding …

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What Is NPI (New Product Introduction)? Steps and Benefits

What Is NPI (New Product Introduction)

What is NPI (New Product Introduction)? When you have a product idea and want to develop it for the market, you must follow some steps to ensure success.  The new product introduction process can be daunting but usually varies depending on the organization. So what are the NPI steps? Let’s find out! What Is NPI? …

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What Is an IC Chip? Types, Generations, Packages, and More

What is an IC chip? Integrated circuits are the brains of modern intelligent electrical devices.  They have become synonymous with technology because devices become faster and more clever as they advance.  Some of the recent developments you might have heard of are the M1 and M2 chips. Wanting to know more about IC chips? Let’s …

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Quick Turn PCB Assembly: What It Is and Its Benefits

A multiplied PCB

Quick-turn PCB assemblies are critical for electronic projects because they hasten production. They save time because you won’t have to change the board after manufacturing.  Also, they cut costs by avoiding rework via prototype manufacturing before product fabrication.  In a nutshell, this circuit board production process involves prototyping, pre-production, and production, and here’s all you …

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