Why Are PCBs Green? Why Green PCBs Are Better Than Alternatives

Green PCB.

Why are PCBs green? Have you ever wondered about it? We’re out to demystify why most PCBs have the green color. We’ll also list the other alternatives and highlight the natural color behind all standard FR-4 circuit boards. Therefore, if you’re a DIY hobbyist looking to understand more about the color of circuit boards and …

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Why Use Resistors- 8 Main Applications of Resistors

Resistors and other components in a circuit board.

Why use resistors in your circuit board?  A resistor is one of the most common components in any electrical circuit. This may have left you wondering whether you can do without it.  Resistors are core components in regulating current flow; without them, our circuits would not operate as smoothly as they do.  So what specific …

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