LGA vs. BGA: How They Differ

An LGA CPU (note the flat contact pads)

This article is an LGA vs. BGA comparison. One of the most critical joints to be keen on when assembling a computer is the CPU-to-motherboard connection. Modern PCs have tiny, powerful chips, with most implementing SMT LGA or BGA packaging.  The two are surface-mount packaging options, and we’ll compare LGA vs. BGA to see the …

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Plated Through Hole vs. Via: What Is the Difference?

PCB vias and pads under a microscope

Here’s a detailed plated-through hole vs. via comparison. Most novice electronics engineers might look at PCBs and assume all the holes are vias or plated through holes. Although both are holes, the terms don’t refer to the same thing.  So read this article to find out more! What Is a Via? A via is a …

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PCB vs. PCBA: What Is The Difference

Blank PCBs

Looking at the terms PCB vs. PCBA, the only difference is the letter A. This letter stands for assembly. And it is what separates the definition of the two boards. Printed circuit boards and printed circuit board assemblies are critical parts of electrical devices. But one is a blank circuit board, while the other is …

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Breadboard vs. Circuit Board: Recommended Applications for Each Board

A breadboard electrical circuit

In this article, we will compare breadboards vs. circuit boards to see the similarities and differences between the two. The building process of a functioning electronic device begins by linking components using physical wires. So although circuit boards are the heart and soul of modern electronic systems, the process usually starts with breadboards.  Read on …

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Plate Mount vs. PCB Mount: Which Discrete Switches Are Better For Your Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboard switches

When considering keyboard switch mounting, the comparison should be plate mount vs. PCB mount methods. And switch means the tactile, linear, or clicky electronic component under the keycap. These discrete types of switches can be plate or PCB-mounted, and we’ll demystify what these two terms refer to below. Read on to learn more! What Is …

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Circuit Board vs. Motherboard: How Do They Differ?

A circuit board

Here’s a detailed circuit board vs. motherboard comparison. Circuit boards and motherboards are words often mentioned when dealing with electronics and computers. But do they mean the same thing? Let’s define the two terms to see how they differ.  What Is a Circuit Board? A circuit board or printed circuit board is a solid or …

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