What Is Tg: Polymer/Glass Transition State Temperature

A DSC curve analyzing the glass transition temperature of amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers

What is Tg? Tg is one typical term that emerges when discussing the mechanical properties of glass, plastics, or polymers.  Abbreviated as Tg, glass transition temperature is critical, especially when picking circuit board materials. So why does it matter? Read on to learn more! What Is Tg? Tg is a mechanical property that defines a …

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What Is MCU in Electronics? The Brains Behind Embedded Systems

A pallet of microcontroller units

What is MCU in electronics? Most modern electronic gadgets, systems, sensors, and appliances run on the processing power provided by microcontroller systems.  Abbreviated as MCU, microcontroller units have become synonymous with electronics. And the trend won’t stop anytime soon because the chips are tiny, programmable, versatile, and inexpensive. But what is it? And how does …

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What is a Thermal Pad? How to Install a Thermal Pad

What is a Thermal Pad?

What is a thermal pad and its application in electronic parts? Read this article for a profound explanation.  We’ll cover a lot on this topic and reveal the benefits of applying this material in electronics.  Also, we’ll look at its main alternative- the thermal paste, and compare and contrast their performances.  So for these and …

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What Is an IPC Class? Standards and Definitions

An RC car PCB

IPC classes are categories defined by tens of thousands of electronics manufacturing experts to assist manufacturers in controlling PCB quality.  These classes derive meaning from globally accepted PCB standards set by the same experts. This standardization created a bridge that connects suppliers upstream to customers, improving production efficiency and electronics quality.  So what is an …

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Contract PCB Assembly: Is Contract Manufacturing of PCBs Worth It?

Industrial PCB Assembly.

A company that wants to manufacture electronic devices in bulk but can’t make circuit boards can consider the contract PCB assembly option.  But what are the upsides and downsides of electronic Contract Manufacturing Services? Does the volume production generate quality products, or does the assembly service help you save anything?  We’ll generate answers to these …

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PCB Assembly Cost- 12 Factors that Determine PCB Cost

A Microchip production factory.

If you’re keen on undertaking an electronics project, then it makes sense that you need to consider the PCB assembly cost. Your overall project costs depend on the cost of the parts, such as the PCB.  Hence, this article details the PCB industrial assembly costs and why one circuit board could be costlier than the …

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