How to Remove Solder: 8 Main Desoldering Methods

Desoldering Process.

Would you like to know how to remove solder? Circuit boards require care when mounting and removing components from them. But, while attaching electronic components on a PCB using a soldering iron is effortless, stripping off molten solder is quite challenging.  Nonetheless, that shouldn’t be the case anymore, as, with this guide, you can confidently …

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What Is NRE Cost- How Can PCB Assembly Firms Lower NRE Costs?

An engineer designing a PCB.

What is NRE cost in PCB manufacturing and assembly? For many PCB manufacturers, the cost of production is always a considerable issue. Thus, if not well handled, it can get out of hand. Like any other entity, a PCB manufacturer is out to make a profit. It means lowering the production costs as much as …

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What is a Copper-Clad Board? What Are the Features of a Top Performing Circuit Board?

Drawing of the electronic board on a copper background.

What is a copper-clad board? PCB manufacturers are under constant pressure from device makers to develop circuit boards that can withstand all conditions.  One of their most cardinal concern is finding the balance between mechanical properties like excellent heat dissipation, lightweight, and outstanding electrical performance.  But copper-clad laminates have proven to be one of the …

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What Is a PCB Stencil? All You Need To Know

A PCB SMT stencil

What is a PCB stencil in circuit board assembly?  The process of assembling surface-mount components requires a stencil for accurate solder paste deposition.  Stencils also help with alignment for repeatability. So if you have multiple similar boards that need surface-mount devices, an SMT stencil will simplify the work.  Let’s dive into this topic to understand …

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PCB Assembly Process: All You Need To Know

The PCB assembly process comes right after the PCB manufacturing process to weld the components on the solder pads.

The PCB assembly process comes right after the PCB manufacturing process to weld the components on the solder pads.  So all circuit boards must undergo assembly to become functional in their respective application areas.  Essentially, they transition from PCBs to PCBAs after component welding, and we’ll look at this assembly process in detail below. Read …

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What is a Netlist? What is the Role of Netlist in PCB Design and Testing

Electronic circuit schematic of embedded system.

What is a Netlist in electronics design? A PCB features numerous parts whose interrelationship is critical to the functioning of the electronic components/device.  In addition to the electrical connections, PCB design engineers understand the essence of having a descriptive model of the various parts.  So why is this important, and what languages do circuit board …

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What is Potting: A Method to Protect Your Electronics from Damage

Electronic board with radio components at electronics plant conveyor.

What is potting in electronic assembly?  Electronic components are delicate, and given that some parts are reserved for use in rough environments, manufacturers must find a way to protect them.  But are all electronic enclosure designs suited to potting, or does it require some sophisticated procedures?  As our guest today, you probably know something about …

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What Are Tooling Costs? Are Tooling Costs Important?

A project manager calculates costs.

What are tooling costs in industrial manufacturing processes?  Automation in almost all industries is shaping up as the new normal, which has been cardinal in enabling manufacturers to stay on par with the competition.  But this shift has attracted another dimension to operation costs companies are now paying more attention to than before.  What are …

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What are Microelectronics: Microelectronics Components

An electronic chip.

What are microelectronics? Think of all the miniature electronic components today, such as cell phones. Can we regard their make-up parts as microelectronic components?  What exactly qualifies to be regarded as a microelectronic device? The field of electronics is vast, and it keeps evolving.  One apparent thing is that manufacturers are creating more efficient devices …

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What Is DFM in Manufacturing? An In-Depth Look at Manufacturing Optimization from the Design Stage

Engineers optimizing a PCB design using CAD software

What is DFM in manufacturing? This is an article all about it. There are multiple variables in the product development cycle. However, the design and manufacturing processes usually go hand-in-hand.  So most companies have discovered the trick of considering manufacturing when in the design phase. And that is where DFM comes in.  So what is …

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